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We build brands
Through social media

Unmatched Reach and Creativity


We help Influencers & Small Businesses develop a brand and reach their dream audience with a strong social media presence

High-Quality Content Creation

Growth Strategy Consulting

One-off Videos

"You can have a good product, but it doesn't matter if nobody sees it."


Brand Building Blueprint

Complete guide to building a impactful brand on social media and reach millions

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Personal Brands

Rasto Pauliny doubled his reach to 2.4 million on each platform with our help within two months. Later on, we made a viral video that reached 500K people, earning a spot in the top 10 chart on YouTube Slovakia.

Rasto Pauliny
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Majvpici Podcast has quickly garnered attention by reaching over half a million viewers in just three months. It features straightforward talks with notable guests, tackling rare and sometimes controversial subjects

MVP Podcast
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SMB Businesses

A car-service company reached 300,000 people on TikTok in just 3 months, starting from scratch with zero followers.

We also assist startups, fashion brands, fitness companies, and more in connecting with their ideal audience through our creative work.

Northfinder & Mach Designs
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